All Sugarplum Bulldogs puppies are from multi-champion AKC registered English Bulldog stock only and our pups are the real thing: adorable, short, wrinkly little butterballs of
English bulldog cuddliness except they mature at 25-55 lbs.
All SugarPlums are $2500.00
unless they are marked FANCY
Call Morgan at 703-507-1996
all Credit Cards are accepted
Yes, David, I’m with you there…after 10 years the time has come for SugarPlum Bulldogs to “turn & face the strange”…
and we’re doing it by going 100% mobile..
 “The Running of the Plums” format is ON!!


SugarPlum Bulldogs has been the solution to this quandry since 2009 and will continue to be that for you

We haven’t changed…what has changed is our FORMAT:

SugarPlum Bulldogs has always been a “farm-to-table” breeder.

BUT the table has historically been located on my lovely little farm at 17281 Simmons Road in Purcellville VA and  YOU had to travel to get to the table

  • Many, many happy customers have traveled VERY FAR distances by car to get to the table.
  • Many happy customers have spent a good chunk of $$ to Fly & rent a car or UBER out to the table.
  • Some happy customers have even flown-in privately to get to the table
  • Some customers who couldn’t make it to the table paid Agents to get to the table on their behalf

Now the table is or can be closer to YOU The table now called “THE RUNNING OF THE PLUMS” and it’s a Moveable Feast of Bulldog Puppy Joy   IF YOU DON’T APPROVE of my new business format…then DON’T COME to my Moveable Feast If you’re not sure about this new format…stop by the Moveable Feast & window shop…there is no cost to you to do this If your window shopping makes you want to join in the Moveable Feast then buy a $150 BACKSTAGE PASS when you are there & join the Moveable Feast

There are even options for YOU if your feast-need starts early and is location or “photo-love-puppy” centric…see the R/D fee details page

Beware the internet mini Bulldog scams…they really are out there in force.  I fell for a sophisticated one myself and lost a $500 deposit to a bait & switch ploy…even though I used PayPal for the money transfer!  I highly recommend that you reconsider before you purchase a puppy sight unseen, these are expensive puppies and will be with you for a long time…make sure you get what you really want!