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June 17th pups are all sold 
Next unveilings:  7/15 with 15 pups…7/29 with 30 pups…place your fully refundable Pick # deposit for summer pups NOW! 

Sugarplum Farm is at 17281 Simmons Road in Purcellville  VA…contact Morgan: 703-507-1996 or

JUNE 17th pups have all found their new homes:









JUNE 17th pups who are SOLD:

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mArchibald6b17fAzalea6b17mCampbell6b17 mAristotle6b17b fIvana6b17


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All Sugarplums are $2500.00 + $150.00 VA sales tax except FANCIES which are marked individually.     Please consider placing a FULLY REFUNDABLE  $1000 Pick # deposit so you can be assured of a puppy in  your timeframe. call Morgan at 703-507-1996 or click on the or PayPal links to place your deposit

Pick #s available

#18 July/Aug

#3 Sept/Oct 

Your Pick # deposit entitles you to a slot for choosing a puppy from the 2 month timeframe of your choice…positions are based on the date and time of the original deposit and can be extended or changed if desired.  Pick # deposit people receive photos and information on each group of pups a few days before each unveiling and can choose whether they wish to book a private 1 hour appointment for the unveiling Saturday or pass and wait for the next group.  There are multiple unveilings in each timeframe and pups are 8-9 weeks old and ready to go home with you at the time of each unveiling.  Each unveiling group consists of several litters and usually ranges from 12-20 pups. Pups photos are not placed on the website for the general public’s viewing until after people with Pick # deposits have made their choices With bulldogs “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and everyone is not looking for the same thing…don’t get stuck in thinking a lower Pick # is critically important!  What you think is your #1 pick is not necessarily what the lower Pick # people are wanting for themselves:  male/female…red/brindle/white…micro/medium/large…and then there are the varieties of white markings and the individual pup’s personality to consider as well.  You are never pushed to make a choice out of a particular group of pups so if you don’t see your perfect puppy just wait for the next group and your Pick # will be sliding forward accordingly

As a favor to my new Sugarplum families that have upcoming trips, I offer free board for any Sugarplum Bulldog puppies here during the first 30 days after sale…I add them into my daily in-the-house Sugarplum Bulldoggery routine and match them up with whichever dogs have the appropriate level of rough-housing for them…its a lot like bulldog summer camp.
For older pups, check out Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates who have a great new dedicated boarding facility: or for loving Sugarplum care in his home contact my assistant, Ben, at 703-431-5893 or e-mail